5 Types of Corporate Events and How to Make Them Interesting

Most people assume that corporate events have to be dull and predictable. However, with the right measures in place, you can make your corporate events interesting and fun. It only takes a little bit of imagination to turn the usual conventional setting, plain catering, and long speeches into a memorable corporate event.

Making a corporate vent interesting is great for a business because it enables participants to be fully engaged and network. Here are 5 common types of corporate events and how businesses can make them interesting:

#1: Conferences

A conference brings together speakers with valuable content in order to provide attendees with the best learning experience. This means that you should be creative in order for the conference to be memorable.

Most people are likely to travel to attend a conference that has the best speakers or facilitators. You can do your research to determine a proper speaker who is not only resourceful but strategic. It may not be easy but it is necessary to make your conference interesting.

Secondly, create food and drink stations that are interactive. You can easily provide food and drinks for attendees and make it interesting at the same time. Stations such as a donut wall or a customizable champagne cocktail bar will keep attendees interested throughout the conference. You can also use corporate catering services for added convenience.

#2: Seminars

The purpose of a seminar is to showcase the expertise of a company on a particular topic or to give internal learning opportunities to employees. The audience is usually given a chance to engage with the speaker. So, how can you make your seminar interesting?

a-      Go for a non-traditional venue

You may want to switch things up and choose a venue that does not have traditional corporate ties. There are so many interesting venues other than the ballroom that you can turn into corporate seminars and make it interesting for the attendees.

a-      Add an activity during break time

The normal coffee break may not be enough to make your seminar interesting. You can include an activity like informal chat sessions which will give attendees the much-needed break from learning.

#3: Training Workshops

Because training workshops are a requirement for employees, they may not be eager to attend. It can be boring to them, especially when the training focuses on dull topics such as security. To make your training workshops interesting, provide networking opportunities.

Give employees the chance to interact with each other, whether the training event is an internal or external affair. You can give the attendees networking suggestions that they should follow up.

Secondly, modify the room layout.The normal layout of chairs and rows of tables will not give attendees an interesting vibe. You can switch things up by providing them with beanbags and standing podium tables.

#4: Holiday Parties

An annual party during the holiday season is a typical way for companies to appreciate their customers and celebrate their employees. This type of corporate event may seem interesting compared to others; however, you can still make it more fun by include competitions or providing a social photo booth.

People love to engage in friendly competitions and including them will help bring your holiday party to life. You can include trivia games on business questions or scavenger hunts. There is nothing more interesting than taking photos that will always remind people of the lovely time they had. People can also take videos and instantly share them on social media.

#5: Product Launches

The best way to ensure that a product launch is successful is when people are left buzzing with anticipation and excitement. This is a corporate event that brings together investors, competitors, members of the press, and employees.

You can make a great impression by picking an unusual food menu. Choose different food flavors from a corporate catering menu in order to wow your guests. Having different ice cream flavors will make the launch memorable.

Choosing a particular theme will set the tone of your product launch. Pick a theme that is interesting and will engage the attendees and keep them intrigued and interested.

Final Word

There is so much more you can do in order to ensure that your corporate event is as interesting as possible. You can get more corporate catering ideas to breathe life into your corporate events for the benefit of your company, your employees, and stakeholders.

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