All you need to know about a master key system

As a business owner or property manager, it can be overwhelming carrying around a bunch of keys to open different doors in your building. Save yourself the hassle by getting a master key system. 

A master key is designed to operate several different locks while each of these locks can still be operated by its own key. It functions by combining all of your keys into one cost-effective means of access control. An experienced technician will engineer a customized master key system specific to your existing locks.

Benefits of a Master Key System

There are many benefits to using master keys. From extreme convenience to superior control over your lock systems, a master key can offer effective security for your business. Overall, here are the outstanding benefits of a master key system:

1. Master Key Control Systems Are Created on a Restricted Keyway

If, for instance, an undesired individual manages to duplicate a key for your locking system, your business could suffer a catastrophic security implication. Company employees who copy keys for their own convenience could also open up your business to serious security risks if lost. Fortunately, a reliable master key system is created on a restricted keyway, preventing unauthorized duplication. When a key control system is created on a restricted keyway, it means that key blanks are not available on the open market, and nobody can make a copy without your authorization.

2. Master Keys are Serialized

All keys in a restricted keyway lock control system carry a unique serial number, allowing you to identify individual keys for your locking system, including the master keys. You can use each unique serial number to track keys to their individual holders and which doors they can access. This information is available around the clock through a cloud-based key tracking program, ensuring that you always know exactly the number of keys that exist, who has them, and what level of access they provide.

3. Master Keys Support Rekeyable Lock Technology

With a master key system, business owners and administrators don’t have to carry around a bunch of keys because a single key can give access to multiple doors. Therefore, you can significantly improve efficiency in your organization through rekeyable locks.

And, when a security breach happens, rekeyable locks allow you to instantly resecure your building at the level of the breach. For example, if you lose your master key, rekeyable lock technology allows you to rekey your locks just at the master level, and afterward replace the master key for the affected key holder only.

Protect Your Business With a Master Key System

Your business can benefit immensely from the master key lock system. Even if any employee loses track of their keys or an employee leaves work with keys to sensitive doors in your building, you can rest assured your security system will remain intact.

A serialized master key designed on a restricted keyway means that nobody can make a copy of your keys or use a lost one to access your business.

A reliable master key system can also be invaluable during emergencies or disasters. Your rescue teams will be able to respond quickly to urgent concerns since the cloud-based tracking system allows you to remotely identify who has access to which areas of your business premises.

Whether it is a government, industrial, commercial, or residential property, you can get reliable video surveillance, security, and alarm systems.

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