How To Budget For Your New Commercial Roof

How To Budget For Your New Commercial Roof

For many commercial property owners and managers, budgeting for a new commercial roof is always a daunting process. Your commercial roof plays a critical role in protecting your property from the elements, but it isn’t built to last a lifetime. When your roof wears down due to old age or storm damage, it’s imperative to … Read more

A Sigh of Relieve for Contractors: More Efficient Drilling Rigs for Micropiles and Ground Anchors Emerge!

Drilling Rigs for Micropiles and Ground Anchors

Micropiles have been used for several years to support new foundations or to underpin existing ones in various industries, including construction, oil & gas, mining, water wells, and geothermal. They allow for flexibility in accessing difficult or limited access sites, sites with artesian water conditions, as well as low headroom sites. Ground anchors, on the … Read more

Considerations Before Purchasing A Prefabricated Steel Building

Prefabricated metal buildings are easy and quick to set up. On top of that, steel buildings are reliable, durable, and less expensive compared to building options such as wood. But that’s not all, pre-engineered metal buildings present numerous advantages for commercial building owners in Canada.  For Example: Cost-saving. Prefabricated steel buildings go up quickly, saving … Read more