A Sigh of Relieve for Contractors: More Efficient Drilling Rigs for Micropiles and Ground Anchors Emerge!

Micropiles have been used for several years to support new foundations or to underpin existing ones in various industries, including construction, oil & gas, mining, water wells, and geothermal. They allow for flexibility in accessing difficult or limited access sites, sites with artesian water conditions, as well as low headroom sites.

Ground anchors, on the other hand, help to provide temporary or permanent structural support through double corrosion protection (DCP) and threaded bar assemblies. However, without the right drilling rigs for micropiles and ground anchors, rock-drilling industries will still lag with their projects or risk the lives of construction workers in case of an emergency.

Hütte HBR 610: The Revolutionary Drilling Rig for Micropiles and Ground Anchors

The HBR 610 hydraulic drilling rig from Hütte is quickly revolutionizing how contractors enhance existing foundations, construct new foundations, stabilize grounds, and investigate soil. This innovative drilling rig is highly flexible, compact, and offers high performance. The rig is engineered and manufactured with industry-leading power and stability, making it well suited for difficult drilling conditions as well as works in confined areas.

Hütte HBR 610 also performs exceptionally well in foundation construction, soil drilling, geotechnical drilling, and slope stabilization. It’s one of the most powerful and compact rigs for micropiles and ground anchors currently available for the construction industry. Designed to be fast and extremely efficient, it has a robust crowd and extraction force.

The rotary head and the drilling mast were engineered for absolute strength and can execute the most difficult jobs. You can use this drilling rig to install high-capacity micropiles in the most challenging conditions and rock/soil profiles. Thanks to its new joints system, the HBR 610 is a swift machine to operate.

Moreover, all drill rigs from Hütte can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of various clients in a wide range of geological conditions. Customers can also get matching rotary heads and drilling accessories to expand the applications of this soil/rock drilling equipment. In terms of the specs, the Hütte HBR 610 comes with a 209 kW Engine, 130 kN Extraction Force, and 22,000 kg of Weight.

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