Considerations Before Purchasing A Prefabricated Steel Building

Prefabricated metal buildings are easy and quick to set up. On top of that, steel buildings are reliable, durable, and less expensive compared to building options such as wood. But that’s not all, pre-engineered metal buildings present numerous advantages for commercial building owners in Canada. 

For Example:

  • Cost-saving. Prefabricated steel buildings go up quickly, saving you time and money in labor costs. Insurance costs for steel buildings are also significantly reduced.
  • They are also Versatility. Prefabricated steel buildings are versatile. In other words, these structures can be easily designed to meet any special requirements. For instance, you can easily have solar panels attached to your building if you are looking to go off-grid.
  • Customization. You can have your prefabricated metal building in a variety of styles and sizes to meet your special needs.
  • Strong and Durable. As a building material, steel is known for its strength and durability. 

Here are key factors to consider when purchasing a prefabricated steel building:

Steel Building Roofing Types

Common steel building roofing types include:

  • Straight Column: This type of steel building system is designed to maximize interior space in the building. Straight column steel buildings are ideal for offices, small retail stores, and other commercial applications.
  • Gable + Single Slope: This rigid frame clear span system offers a column-free interior space. It’s ideal for the creation of large open spaces such as aircraft hangars, gymnasiums, auditoriums, and other commercial applications. 
  • Beam and Column: A Beam-and-Column system reduces overall construction cost by shortening the spans of rafters. These systems create a massive floor space at a lower cost, making them perfect for warehouses and industrial facilities. 

Steel Building Span Systems

There are several steel building span systems to choose from. These include:

  • Open Web Truss: These steel building span systems are incredibly strong and lightweight. They are highly versatile and especially useful in situations requiring longer spans. Open Web Truss is ideal for buildings that are regularly occupied by customers or employees, which makes them ideal for a lot of commercial applications. 
  • Clear Span: Clear span steel building systems eliminate the need for clumsy, intrusive load-bearing walls or columns allowing for the creation of extremely wide, uninterrupted interior spaces in rigid steel buildings. Clear span steel building systems are perfect for structures such as indoor stadiums, gymnasiums, auditoriums, and aircraft hangars.
  • Multi-Span: Multi-Span systems are similar to clear span steel building systems in a lot of ways. The only difference is that multi-span systems add interior columns to the frame resulting in a wider interior space. Multi-Span systems are ideal for spaces where the occasional interior column doesn’t matter, such as storage and warehousing. 

Steel Building Terminology

Here are the two most common terminologies in the steel building industry. 

  • Pre-Engineered Buildings: Debuting back in the 1960s, pre-engineered buildings are built in a factory and then shipped to the construction site for assembling. Pre-engineered metal building systems come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  These systems allow for the creation of large column-free spaces ideal for warehouses and industrial buildings. 
  • Metal Building Systems: Metal building systems are modern-day pre-engineered buildings. In Canada, they are widely referred to as steel building systems. They are designed and engineered to function as integrated building systems. These systems are used in a wide range of commercial and residential applications where efficient and cost-effective low-rise structures are desired. 

Overall, prefabricated metal buildings are strong, durable, and quick to assemble. You’ll find a variety of steel building types for use in multiple different applications. Get in touch with us for more information about prefabricated steel buildings and how you can save money using these systems. 

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