How To Budget For Your New Commercial Roof

For many commercial property owners and managers, budgeting for a new commercial roof is always a daunting process. Your commercial roof plays a critical role in protecting your property from the elements, but it isn’t built to last a lifetime. When your roof wears down due to old age or storm damage, it’s imperative to have a plan in place to fund the replacement.

Understanding the cost elements of a new commercial roof can help you make the right decision in terms of budgeting and choosing the best roofing material. Whether it’s a concrete building or a prefabricated steel building, a reliable roof will keep it protected for a lifetime.

Factors that Affect the Cost of a Commercial Roof

The top five factors that will impact the cost of replacing your commercial roof include:

  • Type of roof
  • Roof access
  • Underlayment materials
  • Wind loads and fastenings
  • Code requirements

Other than the cost elements, it’s important to watch out for signs of roof damage to determine if you need your commercial roof replaced. For shingled roofs, look out for curls, cracks, splits, missing gravel, missing shingles, and mold growth. Each of these signs indicates that your shingles are nearing the end of their usable life and should be replaced sooner.

If you have membrane roofing, check if there is considerable and irreparable damage to the roofing membrane. Strong winds or heavy storms can cause severe uplifting on your roofing membrane. If the extent of the uplifting is 25 percent or more, or if you notice large bald spots on the membrane, then it could be time to replace your roof. When left unattended, rainwater can eventually seep through and cause considerable damage to the roof and the attic itself.

For metal roofs, the common signs that it’s time to replace your commercial roof include tears in the metal surface, missing or damaged flashing, corrosion, warped, bent or loose metal sheets, and loose or missing fasteners.

Schedule Regular Roof Inspection!

Roof evaluations or inspections are the sure way to know the condition of your commercial roof and how much life it’s got left. A reputable roofing contractor will inspect your roof and issue an estimate for what it costs to maintain the roof through regular maintenance/repairs or what it costs to totally replace it. They may also give estimates on how much life your roof has before it will need recoating or reroofing.

When you’re ready for a new commercial roof, consider working with a reputable local roofer. They can often provide professional, cost-effective, and long-lasting commercial roofing solutions for your business. Whether you need a roof replacement roof for a mini storefront or an expansive factory, a professional commercial roofer should sort it out!

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