Tile Roof Cleaning: 3 Reasons Why It Is Absolutely Necessary

Tile is an extremely popular and beautiful roofing material for roof owners in many parts of the US. A tile roof is designed to offer long-lasting performance and durability. With regular maintenance, cleaning, and restoration, your tile roof can last a lifetime. Failure to clean your tile roof can bring a whole host of problems, including:

  • Tainted curb appeal
  • Shortened life of your roof
  • Lowered energy efficiency

Here are three reasons why it is absolutely necessary to clean your tile roof on a regular basis.

#1: Enhances Curb Appeal

Whether your tiles are composed of concrete or clay, regular cleaning will prevent buildup of dirt and debris which could potentially taint the image of your roof. It also prevents the growth of unsightly moss and mildew.

When your tile roof has black streaks, it begins to look older than it really is. The cause is more often black algae. When this happens, don’t turn to regular cleaning companies.

They use high-pressure water and harmful chemicals to force the black algae off your roof. Instead, consider hiring a professional roofer to clean your roof with soft washing.

Soft washing will give you a clean roof without unnecessary damage caused by pressure washing. Reputable roofers will use an all-natural cleaning solution to help your roof look great and last longer.

With the revolutionary Roof Rain Time-Activated Algae Prevention Solution, your tile roof will stay clean and protected from algae growth for up to two years.

Reapplying Roof Rain every two years will keep your tile roof looking fresh and streak-free for life. Overall, soft washing your tile roof will help restore the look of your roof, increase your building’s curb appeal, and maintain your building’s value.

#2: Prolongs the Life of Your Roof

Left uncleaned, your tile roof will have excessive growth of unwanted organic matter. It then collects moisture and causes your roofing system to deteriorate rapidly.

Soft cleaning your tile roof will help eliminate algae and protect the protective UV layer of your tiles. Regular roof cleaning ensures that the protective layer won’t come off or dry out, making your roof last twice as long.

While tile roofs are typically designed to last more than 50 years, you can significantly prolong its life by scheduling biannual inspections, cleaning, and maintenance. With modern soft wash technologies such as Roof Rain, you will typically double the remaining life of your tile roof.

It’s because Roof Rain is not a regular cleaning product but rather an Algae Prevention Solution. Roofing specialists will begin by cleaning your roof using a soft cleaning method before applying Roof Rain to give your roof a fresh breath of life and prevent algae from growing back.

Roof Rain cleaning method involves:

  • Soft wash
  • 100% natural biocide
  • Degreasing agent
  • Algae Prevention Solution

By joining a Roofiversary program, you can enjoy up to 2 years of warranty against algae regrowth. After every two years, your roofer will re-assess your roof, recommend any necessary repairs, and reapply Roof Rain Solution before algae finds room to regrow. This process will effectively prolong the life of your tile roof, saving you time and money.

#3: Improves Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

A clean roof will improve your home’s energy efficiency. A roof covered in black and green algae often absorbs UV rays, just like dark clothing.

Soft cleaning your tile roof will effectively eliminate algae, mold, and lichen that can hold moisture and prevent the reflection of UV rays. Consequently, regular cleaning prolongs the life of your tile roof and minimizes heat absorption into the attic space.

Typically, roof cleaning reduces thermal heat absorption, keeping your attic space cool during hotter summer months and warm in colder winter months. As a result, you can significantly lower your energy bills since your HVAC system will work less hard to keep your home cool or warm.

By re-inspecting, maintaining, and cleaning your tile roof every two years, you’re guaranteed a more energy-efficient home and a prolonged lifespan.

Schedule Roof Rain Biannual Treatment!

Soft washing techniques clean roofs without high pressure, preserving your roof’s warranty and prolonging its life. By using an eco-friendly soft wash roof cleaning solution, you’ll address the root cause of the problem without harming your roof, the environment, landscaping, or pets.

Many reputable roofing companies today offer Roof Rain Time-Activated Algae Prevention Solution to ensure you always have a clean roof 365 days a year and for a lifetime. Eliminate the cycle of clean-dirty-ugly-clean and enjoy a clean, fresh roof by signing up for a Biannual Treatment Program.

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