Why Your Factory Needs Shop Floor Control Software

Thanks to Shop Floor Control (SFC) software, manufacturing has become much simpler and streamlined. This software allows manufacturers to seamlessly track, schedule, and report the progress of all manufacturing processes. An SFC system works by evaluating a portion of a completed order or operation to help in planning, inventory evaluation, and operator and supervisor productivity evaluation.

Running across multiple platforms and devices, SFC software allows managers, supervisors, and workers to get real-time information and notification about work in progress, which enhances efficiency and quality. Other than that, shop floor control will benefit your factory in the following ways:

1. Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Floor Control Software provides managers with immediately actionable insights to increase machine utilization, minimize quality issues and production discrepancies, and decrease energy consumption and material waste. Implementing shop floor software will create a more productive environment with greater operational efficiencies throughout the production process. Through real-time planning and scheduling, facial recognition time tracking, instant document delivery, quality control, scanning, and real-time alerts about machine issues, your factory will register improved productivity and efficiency.

2. Greater Visibility and Control

With an SFC system, you can collect and analyze data in real-time to enable full transparency and visibility of the production process. It empowers all factory staff to make informed decisions and prevent failures and problems before they occur. Manufacturing shop floor control software measures the performance of teams as well as individual operators and provide constant feedback to your production managers about the output of employees.

That way, your management team can finetune incentive pay structures and optimize employee and machine utilization. Employees, on the other hand, get real-time instructions, videos, and the pictures of products they’re working on. They can promptly notify the management team whenever an equipment malfunctions or when they need technical help.

3. A Single Source of Truth

A shop floor control system provides one source of truth for everyone on the factory floor for single-site and multi-site factories alike. The management can stay on top of KPIs and have access to accurate data from anywhere in the world. Problems and variations become transparent as everyone gets a good overview of all relevant data, projects, and current topics in the production process.

On a centralized shop floor management board, all workers can see the status of projects and where problems or deviations appear. As a result, reaction times are reduced and issues can be identified and solved in a timely manner.

4. Faster Information Flow

Thanks to WhatsApp-like communication and task management systems, smart alerts, and instant notifications, shop floor control software improves collaboration between all employees, teams, and departments, which helps to prevent bottlenecks and deal with inefficiencies in real-time. The periodical meetings make production processes immediately visible and understandable to the management. As a consequence, you can better coordinate operations in other departments.

5. Empowers all Personas

A great SFC software solution is adapted to all personas in the organization and empowers the workforce with the right tools to maximize their accountability and efficiency. With empowered employees, you can win each shift and dramatically improve your production efficiency, generate huge savings, improve your bottom line, and favorably compete with the big players.

6. Digitized Production Process

By digitizing the whole production process, MES software solutions turn factories into modern-day paperless powerhouses, ensuring that no important data gets lost. It also prevents the loss of industry skills and knowledge. In addition, shop floor management can save you cots of printing and scanning several physical documents – everything is digitized and stored on a cloud based MES.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, the insights generated by shop floor control systems affect the performance and profitability of every manufacturing firm. Without a real-time manufacturing analytics solution that gathers real-time measurements throughout your manufacturing process, it’s hard to improve. Fortunately, Matics real-time operational intelligence (RtOI) platform has been designed to help lean factory/shop floor management improve manufacturing efficiencies and productivity. It provides access to the information you need to increase operational efficiency, quality control, labor utilization, and all fundamental aspects of manufacturing profitability.

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